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       Details of Surviving Boulton & Paul Engines Sought.


This site has been created as an aide to help find and record the details of as many surviving Boulton and Paul industrial and marine engines as possible. Also to collect and pass on to other owners any available service literature or spares information so that hopefully a few more engines will once again return to running order.  

Hopefully, anyone searching the internet for B&P engine information will come across this site.

 Information and spares are scarce, but do surface on occasions.

               Boulton and Paul Ltd. manufactured their own petrol engines in Norwich, England, from 1906 until 1932.

                                 All production records were destroyed in a factory fire on 1st August, 1940.  


    Image courtesy of Picture Norfolk Library. See Acknowledgements.    

  However, in 1939, engines and spares were being produced under licence in Australia, some seven years after British production had ceased. 

      As well as the UK, engines have come to light in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and Eire. A Spanish sales brochure gives a South American importer's details in Buenos Aires, but to date none have appeared in Spain or South America. Most of the engines so far would appear to be from agricultural/domestic backgrounds as industrial engines were more likley to be scrapped after their useful working life.

  The serial numbers of engines found in Australia are quite tightly grouped. From these numbers it would appear that a batch of approximately two hundred engines were imported around 1926/27   Their survival rate could be put down to the remoteness of their country locations and have had to be more cared for out of necessity.

  I am aware of other engines not shown in the Photograph Gallery but have yet to locate or contact the owners. 

  Three early marine engines have also survived.

  In 1986,  2E engines with the following serial numbers 116, 651, 1017, and 2250 were known to be in preservation but have not yet come to light. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, I would be pleased to hear from you.

   If anyone knows of an engine, spares, or any related information, I would like to hear from you. I am a B&P engine owner and enthusiast collecting information, not a dealer. I do not buy spares and sell them, but I will pass prospective vendor details to an owner in order for them to conduct a private transaction. Any owner information is never disclosed, unless they wish to contact other owners. I seek the information from the engine specification plate, preferably a photograph of it, a photograph of the engine to show the equipment driven, and permission to post the pictures on the site. Visual condition of the equipment is immaterial, its survival is more important. 

   The two Industrial and Marine engine pages are intended to be more of a production calendar rather than lists of detailed engine specifications. Copyright laws prevent reproducing certain printed material, but by using the "Contact Me" section and the "Acknowledgments" page, directions to such information will be freely given.  So please get in touch using the "Contact Me" icon.

                                                Pages will be updated as further information comes to light.

                                                               Thanking you in advance,  Dave Carter.

                                                                              Last update:  4/12/2015